Attracting women is probably the most difficult phase in getting a date. First is that you have to have a personality that not only creates a good impression but sparks a deep attraction from the opposite sex. You have to possess the two main factors that make man so attractive and sexy. One is confidence; this will make you exude a good impression to a woman. It will make her think high of you because you believe in yourself. The second factor you have to possess is a sense of humor, you have to be interesting. You have to discard the overly serious part of yourself. I you have a nice sense of humor, you’ll be making the woman attracted to you in no time at all.

Contrary to what many people are saying, looks isn’t everything. You can still have date even if you don’t look like the man in the cover magazine. It is the same with being rich, having all the money does not mean that you can date all the girls who happen to glance your way. Women are not that shallow to be attracted with something like money and look alone. They want a man who is confident, one who makes a woman feel like she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Women these days look for substance in a guy, not just a guy they can display for everyone to ogle. But someone who can be the person who will make a woman feels like a woman.

There are still a lot to learn about what attracts woman that men should find out. You can also attract women just by being yourself. Pretending to be exciting and funny if you really don’t have the talent for it just makes the whole idea of attracting women a big failure.

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